Herbal Soap – Red Ginseng

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Herbal Soap – Red Ginseng
  • Functions Clarifying & Exfoliating
  • Size 100g

Embodying fragrances and herbal ingredients inspired by Korea’s four beautiful seasons.

Premium Korean herbal soap carefully aged for 40 days, containing antioxidant components of Red Ginseng extract.

Sulwhasoo Herbal Soap Collection

Flowers bloom, then fall. Seeds are sown, and fruit is later harvested. The beautiful scent and precious herbal ingredients from a nature’s rhythmical cycle are embodied in these soaps. Inspired by the beautiful, ever-changing seasons of Korea, Sulwhasoo Herbal Soap Collection contains Korean herbal formulas with the wisdom from nature and scents that awaken your inner senses. Every bar is infused with the elegant fragrances and precious herbal ingredients of nature. Experience holistic beauty that cares for both inner and outer beauty.

Red Ginseng, Korean herbal scent that re-energizes the mind

The deep and healthy scent of the ginseng root restores lost vitality.

Premium Korean herbal soap made with Red Ginseng extract and precious herbal ingredients

Sulwhasoo’s herbal soap invigorates tired skin for a healthier look, using Red Ginseng extract and a combination of Korean herbal ingredients that include Solomon’s seal, peony and rehmannia glutinosa root. Ginger oil soothes and protects the skin from impurities, while camellia oil leaves the skin feeling comfortable.

Premium handcrafted soap

Carefully aged for 40 days and made with traditional handmade techniques, Sulwhasoo’s herbal soap creates a fine and smooth foam that helps cleanse away excess sebum for clean, smooth feeling skin.

Our Herbal Craft

The uncompromising journey to create the perfect Sulwhasoo Herbal Soap

From the careful selection of ingredients to the final custom packaging, Sulwhasoo Herbal Soap demands many hours of delicate care and consideration to perfect. Ingredients are brewed, dried, and then aged three times with strict adherence to proven traditional processes.
Our premium luxury Herbal Soap is the result of uncompromising devotion to quality.
Every bar of Sulwhasoo soap is fused with our deep dedication that’s ready for you to experience.

  1. 1. Base blending
  2. 2. Fuse elements in Korean herbal medicine
  3. 3. Cooling process
  4. 4. Soap cutting and carving
  5. 5. 3 rounds of drying and aging
  6. 6. Packaging by hand

How to use when cleansing face

Create foam with water to cleanse face. Gently massage the entire face, starting with the cheeks, nose then forehead. Rinse off several times with lukewarm water.

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